Business Opportunities in Europe

Europe represents an attractive and worthwhile business opportunity for most companies. No matter which type of business opportunity your company is looking for - from building sales through export agents, national distributors, direct customers or establishing local production - you will find ample scope of opportunities throughout Europe.

Given the fact that economies have their ups and downs, and this may under some circumstances affect if not all, than a wider range of countries in the region, there's not doubt, that having a wide range of well established export markets at any time will provide your company with a long term balance in fluctuations in the economies and provide a more sustainable platform for revenues.

The European countries in general have open economies and highly developed international trade relationships. They are quite well integrated both politically and in trade terms.

Given the diversity of the European countries a wide range of opportunities can also be obtained by exploiting the many and far-reaching historical linkages between the European countries and certainly the relations from Europe and throughout the world. These linkages are also mirrored in the international trade structure of the countries and where the major part of import and export activities are found.

By any measure the differences between the countries and the markets are significant and you need to deal with each country separately when designing you market strategy.


By any standards dealing with this number of countries from a business perspective, requires a profound understanding and careful consideration of the vast variety of cultural aspects found across such a wide range of countries. And even within each of the countries significant cultural differences can be found.

To do business in a foreign market it is important to understand these cultural habits and customs of the other country. A lack of understanding could mean that important problems remain undetected. It is neither a fast nor a simple process to gain understanding of another culture. Be attentive, sensitive and cautious. Your success will partly depend on this.

The Europe we work in

Europe is by far and large in terms of countries covered by the member states of the European Union. A few countries outside the European Union are though considered of interest when seeking to build sales across Europe.

The Europe we work in, on the whole covers a territory of nearly 4.7 mil. km2 hosting almost 500 mil. people, comprised in 29 countries.

Of the listed countries some are mainly target markets for new export activities while others more ideally serve as potential countries for outsourcing purposes.

Basic Facts

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All the listed countries are EU members except Norway and Switzerland.

Country Pop. in Mil. Area Km2 Pop. Density
Austria 8.1 83,860 97
Belgium 10.2 30,520 334
Bulgaria 8.2 110,990 74
Cyprus 0.7 9,251 76
Czech Republic 10.3 78,870 131
Denmark 5.3 43,090 123
Estonia 1.4 45,227 31
Finland 5.2 338,150 15
France 59.0 543,980 108
Germany 82.0 357,030 230
Greece 10.5 131,960 80
Hungary 10.1 93,030 109
Ireland 3.7 70,300 53
Italy 57.6 301,320 191
Latvia 2.4 64,589 37
Lithuania 3.7 65,300 57
Luxembourg 0.4 2,570 167
Malta 0.4 315 1,229
Netherlands 15.8 41,530 380
Norway 4.6 324,220 14
Poland 38.7 312,685 124
Portugal 10.0 91,910 109
Romania 22.5 238,391 94
Slovakia 5.4 49,035 110
Slovenia 2.0 20,273 99
Spain 39.4 505,990 78
Sweden 8.9 449,960 20
Switzerland 7.5 41,290 182
United Kingdom 59.3 244,100 243
Total 493.3 4,689,736 105

For comparison

Country Pop. in Mil. Area Km2 Pop. Density
USA 271.6 9,629,091 28
Japan 126.5 377,835 335
Canada 33.2 9,984,670 3

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